Living Carbon

Living Carbon is a biotech company that engineers plants to capture and store more CO2. We developed and commercialized the world’s first plant for carbon removal: a photosynthesis-enhanced tree.

Why carbon removal? In order to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, we need to reduce our global emissions and remove excess carbon in the atmosphere. We remove carbon using proven, existing technologies, such as forests, and engineered solutions like direct air capture. Living Carbon sits at the intersection of those two.

Careers in climate

I transitioned to climate tech in 2021. As I was looking for a problem to solve, many people were kind enough to respond to my (cold) messages and emails and answer my questions. I want to do my part by sharing resources that I've found helpful and opening office hours.

📚 Books: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Speed & Scale, Project Drawdown
📨 Newsletters: Climate Tech VC
🗞️ Articles: Deep Time, Mental model for combating climate change
🎧 Podcasts: My Climate Journey
👥 Communities: Work on Climate, Climate Draft
🚀 Companies: Lowercarbon Capital, Frontier

Office hours:
As an experiment for the next few months, I'm opening up a couple of hours every month to chat with anyone interested in making the transition to climate tech. Schedule a call here.